This web site is a memorial to those individuals who were passionate about the reform of the
Roman Catholic liturgy as set forth in Sacrosanctum Concilium (the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy)
and who now, in eternal life, worship the God whom they served in this life.

Bill Brown

Bill V. Brown
June 2, 1950 - June 11, 2008

Bill Brown, an architect who was well known for the consultative process that he used to design or renovate churches, died on June 11, 2008. Bill worked as an architect for more than thirty-five years, and he founded Bill Brown AIA Professional Corporation in Colorado Springs, CO, to serve the churches in new building construction, renovation, addition, and historic preservation. He authored A Place of Catholic Worship, Building and Renovation Kit for Places of Catholic Worship (Liturgy Training Publications), and several articles about church renovation, including one for Pastoral Music (June-July 2001). His funeral liturgy was celebrated at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Colorado Springs on June 19.

Tribute prepared by the National Association of Pastoral Musicians and published in Pastoral Music, August-September 2008. Reprinted with permission.